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We are a privately owned company founded in 1990. We started in design of fixturing to insure accurate bending of Tubing. This led to custom fixturing and speciality set-up to bend and accurately repeat the manufacturing of complex shapes. 
When schedules matter, we offer a competitive advantage you can count on. We provide outstanding insite to enable fabrication of your part in a timely manor with accurate results.
We specalize in rapid prototyping of your part in small quantitys 
    Our Specialists
  • Design of complex fixtures
  • Custom Machining of support parts
  • Fact reaction to design changes
  • Coils with various diameters
  • Variable pitch on coils
  • Low cost
  • Low quanity require
  • Fast results
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No project is too Small!  Give us your sketches, drawings or just your idea and we will help develop a prototype of your part for your review. 

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